Wood Houses

For those looking for an escape from concrete cities, for those who love nature and life in a healthy, solid wood houses are the solution. They have a very rustic look and are made of machined on four faces glued, joined vertically with double tongue and groove and the corner housed without using nails or metal parts.

Walls can be simple with beam section of 45, 70, 90-120 mm (laminated) or double with mineral wool insulation and interior wall paneling with thickness of 20 and 45mm.

Roof beams and rafters is made of laminated with or without insulation or farm type lattice beams.

The joinery is made by 100% wood German technology with double glazing equipped with laminated wood shutters.

The infrastructure (sole) of the house is thoroughly impregnated with a moisture-resistant solution.

We recommend a treatment for walls against blue, fungi and insects using special primers and paints green products and guaranteed for this purpose.

Electrical installation and plumbing is hidden, only gear is visible.

The bathrooms are clad in ceramic tiles.

We produce a wide range of other wooden constructions:

> gazebos (Leisure and outdoor dining),

>terraces (pillars and beams of laminated wood)

>carports (a variant of the car for weather protection)

> garden houses,

> homes for birds

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