Wood is one of the oldest materials used by man.

Responsibly sourced, wood is a renewable, beautiful building material.

It is also durable, versatile and can be cost-effective


DOXAR GRUP produces exterior and interior joinery, stairs, carports, garden furniture of different wood species.

Spruce, the most used, offers a very good heat transfer coefficient, due to it’s specific density, with a satisfactory appearance and strength, greatly improved by treatment with specifically designed products.

Pine, besides it’s pleasant appearance, provides superior resistance against humidity.

Meranti is widely used, due to it’s resistance and homogeneity. Being a medium density wood, meranti has special advantages, good heat transfer coefficient and mechanical strength.

Oak, very durable is also very suitable for joinery and stairs.

For outstanding works can be used exotic species like Okoume, Doussie, Iroko etc.

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