Wooden Houses Building Technology

Starting in November 2007 as an absolute novelty in Romania, DOXAR GRUP manufactures prefabricated houses made 80-90% in the factory. This is achieved through the commissioning of the production line for large components (walls) fully equipped in factory (for connoisseurs Holztafelbau, Fertighause).


The advantages of wooden walls factory building

  • shorter construction time generating lower costs of execution;
  • superior execution quality of works due in-hall processing, in optimal conditions, under strict supervision of quality control department, largely avoiding the typical drawbacks in-site working (severe weather conditions, work at height for walls, floors, roofs, etc. );
  • house assembling, including roof protection foil is done in 12-14 hours thereby eliminating the stress generated by presence of customer on site;

We present pictures of the assembling of a prefabricated house in Suceava, in November 14, 2007

1. Foundation with nothing mounted on the morning of 14 November 2007, 10.09 hours;
2. Install the first wall on the foundation, at 10.47;
3. Install floor over the ground floor, at 15.08;
4. Floor above ground installation is completed, at 15.19;
5. The first wall mounts upstairs, at 15.36;
6. Install roof beams and roof, at 17.54

Turnkey time is 30-45 days from the start of installation.

Panels will be the size of an entire wall (maximum 12 meters) and will leave the factory with complete structure (impregnated wooden structure, covered with OSB externally insulated with mineral wool and thermal) windows and doors fitted.

We have not neglected the production of wood houses, joined housed. Already in operation production line CNC BURMEK line by productivity and high precision.

We meet desires of our customers who need houses with mainly rustic look, with outstanding quality maintained over time





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